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uPICKaPRICE - “Pricing Always Negotiable”
Ad Posted:6/15/2019 7:57:11 PM
Ad Expire:6/9/2020 7:57:00 PM
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uPICKaPRICE - “Pricing Always Negotiable”

In this economy we are trying to get the most for our dollars; we reduce our prices, we move our offices, we reduce manpower, we barter, we survive.

uPICKaPRICE - “Pricing Always Negotiable” is a group of people that have had to pull together their skill sets so that they can continue to make a living by offering what they do best at a reduced or negotiable price…some money better than no money, right?

Give us a try, call our administrator at 404-783-2087 and negotiate a service billed at your pricing.

uPICKaPRICE is offering services to you at a negotiable cost!!!!

 ***Some of the services offered include:


Typing, Filing

Organize and/or Clean Homes, Garages, and Basements

Pet Sitting an/or Walking Your Dog

Run Errands for You or With You

Cook Meals for You

Personal Shopping

Write Letters for You

Answer Phones or Emails


Computer Downloads

Computer Repairs


Miscellaneous Jobs

Please call or Email:
MICHELLE – 404-783-2087