Comparison: Netflix Instant, Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime Instant Video

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When television content first entered into a subscription model, consumers had to make an important decision: cable or satellite television? Honestly, the decision didn't have much weight. Yes, you may have had a slight variation of channels if you choose one over the other, but in general, your content options would be the same in both cases. As television begins to give way to its competitors in the Internet world, they face many more options.

The possibilities may seem endless when you choose the streaming content providers you wish to subscribe to. This fight is also very different from the simple matter of cable television versus satellite television because each video transmission provider has its own catalog of content. Although there is some overlap, if you make the wrong decision, you may have to deny access to some of your favorite shows or movies.

The three companies that have established themselves with the best selections of subscription content are Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. So how do you decide what services to send to you for your transmission needs?

Netflix Instant

Current price: $ 7.99 per month

Pioneer in subscription streaming, Netflix revolutionized the market by launching Netflix Instant. Apparently out of nowhere, the company began loading a significant amount of DVD titles that customers could watch at any time and (optionally) wherever they wanted. Netflix still retains the largest catalog of films among its competitors, as well as a large library of television series.

Netflix offers the best video quality and is available on a wide range of devices. In addition to native applications in decoders, such as Apple TV and Roku players, Netflix also offers applications for iOS, Android, Windows 8 and Kindle users to enjoy content on their phones and tablets. Netflix has recently taken the lead in the production of original programming with big names and big budgets. Some examples include the dramatic series House of Cards, starring Kevin Spacey, and the revival of the cult comedy Arrested Development. All Netflix movies and TV shows have no ads.

Hulu More

Current price: $ 7.99 per month

Although Netflix is ​​not really a competitor at the moment, Hulu began participating in the race by offering its Hulu Plus service, based on a subscription. Hulu always differs from Netflix, but it is difficult to oppose them.

While Netflix focuses primarily on the movies and television shows of the past, Hulu focuses primarily on current television shows. The programs on Hulu Plus (which include successful programs from all major television networks) are available to watch the day after their television broadcast. Not only can you watch your favorite shows on your TV through a set-top box, but you can also watch your favorite shows at any time with the Hulu Plus application, available for most major platforms. The problem with Hulu Plus is that all movies and series are funded by advertising. So be prepared to support several ads.

Instant video of Amazon Prime

Current price: $ 79 per year

Although Amazon Prime's instant video subscriber service is considered a bit sleepy compared to streaming competition, it is rapidly gaining popularity as Amazon adds titles and increases its functionality.
Amazon Prime had been around for years before the company launched Amazon Instant Video. Originally, the service only gave members access to a free two-day shipment to the mega retailer. Amazon has constantly introduced new features for Premium members in recent years. However, the first launch with Instant Video and later with the Kindle Loan Library, gives Kindle owners access to free books.
The Amazon Instant Video catalog is not as large as Netflix or Hulu Plus, but it contains several exclusive movies and TV shows that set it apart from other services. It is also cheaper annually and offers similar accessibility with applications for Roku players and many phones and tablets. And since Instant Video is not the only feature you will get from Amazon Prime, you will also benefit from other economic benefits.

The final result

In the end, if you have to choose the transmission service you will use, you will have to weigh the pros and cons of each business.
If you are looking for the most complete streaming package, Netflix is ​​still your best option, especially if you prefer movies instead of TV shows. Hulu Plus can be a great addition to a Netflix subscription, especially if you plan to cut the cable with your current TV provider. Between the two services, you can have access to a good selection of what would be available on the cable. Although Amazon Prime is probably not your only streaming provider because your catalog is growing, it is a service you will want to monitor.


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