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Tuesday, February 13, 2018
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Monday, May 14, 2018
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Hey everyone!

My name is Zach. I’m 21 years young and have devoted the past 5 years of my life to computers, specifically the PC gaming scene. I am pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering (2 years left). I have a wonderful family, a girlfriend of 6 years that I intend on marrying someday! I love computers (obviously), gaming, sports (football – Philadelphia Eagles Fan) and also online marketing. I built my first computer by watching Youtube videos over and over, until I finally said you know what, this has always been something I have wanted to get into, let’s do it.

Fun Fact; Whenever I get interested in something, I dive right in and go all out.

I created this blog with the intent to inform people on some of the latest and greatest gaming PC parts and accessories on the market today. Like I previously stated I have quite the experience in computers. I have built numerous computers for myself, and also family and friends. I have tons of little gadgets and accessories for my electronics at home as well. So you will get to read about my findings and get my honest opinion on PC parts, maybe you’ll read something you didn’t know, maybe you’ll read something you already knew, but my goal is to inform those who need informed; or if you are planning on building a PC I could definitely help out with picking out some parts for you to work with.

With all of this being said, take a look around, the blog is just beginning so keep checking back with me, even if it’s once a week. I would love for people to see and hear what I have to say!

Have a great day, cya round!

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